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    Links made with content Collector are not updating since Latest InDesign update

    Multi Folio Question

      I have used the content collector tool to grab a whole photo frame with the content inside of the photo frame and place it  in other InDesign documents.  I would update the parent picture frame with a different photo and it would update the link where it was placed with the content collector tool in other InDesign documents. The link options are set up correctly to keep the size and shape updates made to the child link but update only the content inside of the frame when a new photo is place inside of the parent link. All of this worked great till the latest InDesign CC update. Now the links that i have made with the content collector tool no longer update when the parent link is changed. It gives no prompt that the parent link has been changed or anything. I looked at the path of the link and the link is still linked to the correct place. All the link options are the same too.


      I did find a way to fix this glitch. I go into the link options of the child link that is not working properly and turn on and off one of the link options and close the link options dialog box. I did not change anything, but I just toggled the button real quick. The link then gives the the prompt to update, but only after messing with it like this. I have thousands of links and don't want to have to do this each time I need to update a link made with the content collector too.


      I am pretty sure this has something to do with the latest update because this process worked great till the latest update of InDesign CC. Once the update came I had to convert my InDesign documents to the new format. I know strange things can happen when an InDesign Document is converted to the newest version of InDesign. Is it possible that this is the problem? If that is the case I might need to remake all of various InDesign documents because most of them had to be converted due to the latest InDesign update. Just a side note, I noticed that all of the documents that i had to convert had AEM Mobile overlays in them. Document without AEM Mobile overlays in them were not given a prompt to be converted.


      If anyone has a solution or any information it would be very helpful.

      Thank you.