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    After effects - changing the duration of Slides to accommodate various video/image lengths


      Hi - as you can tell i'm pretty new to Ae - I Use programs like Audition and Premiere everyday at work but I've never used after effects. I have been asked to put together a showreel using After Effects. Like most 'newbies' I headed over to a stock site and downloaded the following template https://videohive.net/item/clean-media-slideshow/15003701 


      it all seems simple to drag/drop media into each slide / change text etc BUT I've noticed that the slides/(comps?) seem to be at a fixed length - I was wondering if there is a way to change the timing of each of these slides to accommodate various lengths of video/still (while keeping the animations in sync)? Any help would be hugely appreciated - here is a link to what i have done so far Craig Jackson - More After Effects stuff - putting... | Facebook


      I know there are tutorials on here and on sites like Lynda - and I have started to go through them - but any assistance would be amazing.


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