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    Frustrated with Adobe Tech Support

    rflexible Level 1

      I searched for similar problems in the cc forum.

      I tried the download forum, but was told to move it here.

      These are my issues for CC in  Windows 10


      The issue has been escalated twice. No one has called me. When I call 800-833-6687 for case

      018 789 0320

      they say someone called (but they did not), they don't support the trial version and if they try to help me it will cancel the escalation request.

      When they try to find out why photographs are not importing correctly from camera cards,  and take control of my computer they say there are missing photos because "I moved them outside of Lightroom". I know enough not to do that and would not. Then the tech rep
      Albhishek starts moving files using Windows File explore which is outside of Lightroom.

      I need some help from someone who knows about importing files into LR CC.

      Meanwhile I am not getting the help I need during the trial, and the help desk is not available on weekends.

      Is there another number I should call for weekend support and tier II help?

      The problems are still:

      1. when importing photos from camera cards they go to the wrong folder, LR shows images that have been imported as not being imported, and images not imported as already imported. The tech support said they do not know how to fix this and escalated the case.
      2. After importing photos from a camera card, and moving them to the correct folder using LR Navigator, the D drive with all the photos no longer shows in the navigator.
      3. Tech support first wanted to create a new catalog, but then changed their mind and said to ask Tier II.
      4. One folder in navigator shows a thumbnail for two images, but no thumbnail for the others.

      Are my problems being sent directly to tech support where the problems reside, or is someone in Adobe, above tech support with the authority and motivation to solve the issues, involved.

      So far the reputation of Adobe is not being enhanced by these issues and policies.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First of all, this is a user to user forum. We are all just users like yourself. There are Adobe staff people who contribute frequently, but for the most part you are communicating with other users. As to your questions:


          1. The destination for your imported photos is completely controlled in the right-hand column of the import dialog. In the tree of possible destinations, you choose the drive and main folder where you want the photos imported. Then, if you want them in a separate subfolder, above the folder tree you would choose "into one folder" and then "into subfolder" and then name the subfolder. The following video might be of help to you: Lightroom 5: Importing Your Images - YouTube


          2. In reality, it's more reliable to move images using your operating system with Lightroom closed. Then, use these instructions on how to get things synchronized. Lightroom thinks my photos are missing - how do I fix it? | The Lightroom Queen


          3. I'm not sure that creating a new catalog will solve the problem. You need to learn how to import photos.


          4. How many "other" images are there supposed to be? If you go to your system browser, do you see more images in that folder?

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            rflexible Level 1

            Thank you. I know this is a users forum, not at the import topic they said to post here. And, since Adobe staff sometimes participate here, and tech support is the one who has caused some of the problems by taking control and moving files I am hoping to get forum users help , and possibly from Adobe staff.

            I'll try to import again from a camera card  myself and record the steps and results.