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    Appending to a VAR

    FrankG ATL
      I am new to Flex and I am having a problem with maintaining a VAR.

      Can someone point me to a code sample for a handler that maintains a VAR based
      on the on change of a checkbox?

      Use Case: I have a datagrid with three columns where the first column is a
      checkbox named "Selected", the second column named "Display Value" and the last
      named "Data Value". When a user checks the checkbox I need to add the value of
      the other two row cells to their respective VARS (var dsplValue for "Display
      Value" and var dataValue for "Data Value"). Conversely, when a user unselects a
      checkbox I need to remove the respective values in the two VARs.

      Data Examples:

      "Display Value" = Orlando
      "dispValue" = "Atlanta", "New York"
      "Data Value" = 004
      "dataValue" = '001', '002', '003'

      Best regards,

      Frank G.