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    Before and After Question


      Why is it that the before and after view doesn't seem to take into account cropping?  The only way that I can see my pre-crop version is to reset the enter picture.  I'd like the before image to be the original file and the after to be the version after all edits including any crops.  Any suggestions on how to do this?

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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          I am glad that the before/after doesn't remove the crop so that I can zoom/drag to the same area and have same view.  I have suggested that there be a switch on the crop tool similar to the rest of the tools and panels that allows you to turn the crop setting on and off.  It appears to be the only one that doesn't have one.  This would be especially useful when doing spotting when the spot source goes out of the cropped area and you would like to adjust it.  Its probably a design decision as I think many of the slider are adaptive and are biased to the data in the cropped portion of the photo.

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            encrawford Level 1

            Thanks Bob.  Very helpful perspective.