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    Camera Raw GPU acceleration support (Nvidia GTX 1080)



      i got problem, which is no acceleration in Camera Raw - it says "Currently disabled" - both in menu preferences and in Bridge>Camera Raw Preferences.
      In Photoshop everything is OK, GPU acceleration is enabled and it detects 1080 GTX gpu.


      I got latest nvidia drivers, and up to date Camera Raw plugin.


      My specs: MSI X99 motherboard, 5820k cpu, MSI GTX 1080 graphics card running on Windows 10 64bit. Previous on GTX 970 and 550ti card got the same problem
      Is there any fix? 36mpix files from my D810 camera loading very slow in Camera Raw :/


      I also uninstalled any 3rd party software for overclocking, anything now is on default.


      I heard that going back to older driver solves the problem, but when i try to install (361.43 and other drivers) system don't detect video card (which is correct - 1080 was realesed in 2016)


      Thanks for feedback! Take care