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    Bar Chart Application

      Hi All,

      I have a bar chart application.
      In one series its shows customer importance and in the other customer satisfaction is shown.
      My requirement is draw a rectangle at the end of the customer satisfaction bar series if the customer satisfaction is less than customer importance and show the difference in a label inside the rectangle.
      If the customer satisfaction is greater than customer importance then draw the rectangle within the bar series and show the positive value in the rectangle.
      Inorder to do this I have created a custom bar series named "SatisfactionGapBarSeries" extended from the Bar Series and custom box item render named "SatisfactionGapBoxItemRender".
      In the updatedisplaylist of the SatisfactionGapBoxItemRender i have drawn rectangle according to my need but i am not able to add the label.
      How can i add a label into the drawn rectangle?
      Will you please help me?