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    InDesign caps hyperlink URLs to 100 characters??


      I have a document with hundreds of URLs that I hope to export to PDF with clickable links. I started out with a data merge and after merging, manually highlighted each one and copy and pasted the full URL in the Edit Hyperlink window. All the links are green in the Hyperlinks palette but when my client tried to click on links in the first draft pdf only some worked. I looked at the links in my indd file and the longer ones have been truncated, they are all exactly 100 characters long. It is completely unrelated to where my URLs break over multiple lines and it is not related to PDF export since I can see that it has been truncated in InDesign before I export. I'm on a Mac and I'm using Indd CC 2015.


      Project is due in a couple hours so I'm going to manually create links in Acrobat so at least the PDF is correct, but it would be nice to know if I have a preference checked somewhere that would fix this in the future.