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    Photos marked as modified to republish?

    p0gue Level 1

      This is beginning to drive me up a wall.  I've got 20 or so galleries of photos I publish on Smugmug with the LR publish plugin.  Sometime around the last LR CC update, photos in my published collections began to randomly mark themselves as modified to republish.   Photos I haven't touched in years, in galleries I haven't recently changed, all of a sudden appear under 'Modified Photos to Re-Publish.'   If I even scroll through a collection, dozens of the images begin to jump up to 'Modified Photos'.


      I can select the photos and send them back to 'Published' with 'Mark as Up-to-Date,' but then more immediately jump up to Modified.  It's becoming impossible for me to manage my collections, as I can't keep track of which photos I've published.  Also, a smart gallery of recently edited photos now wants to upload 900 images, almost all of them not actually recently edited.  Since it's a smart gallery, I can't remove them.


      What is causing Lightroom to mark all of these images as modified?   Any ideas?