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    get checkbox export value to populate a text field in order selected

    dhhsc84757271 Level 1

      Using Adobe Pro XI, I would like to have the export value from the check box populate in a text field versus having the user make the check box selection and then have to type the same info from the checkbox into a field further down the page.  I have found scripts I this forum that outline how to do this for a specific checkbox into a specific field, but I need one that does is regardless of the order the checkboxes are selected.  I have 10 check boxes and only 5 can be selected (thanks George Johnson), now I need those export values to populate a text fields as the boxes are checked and also go away if the box is unchecked. The user has to select 5 items they want to improve in and then state why.  currently the form has check boxes to select rom, then the user types into text fields the name of the boxes they just checked.  I'm trying to automate that step.  For example: The user could select any of the 10 check boxes and the first 5 selected would auto-populate fields Item1-5 (Lets assume they choose the first 5).  But if the user decided to uncheck #3 and include checkbox7, is there a script that makes the change between any random check box and any associated textfield possible?  I'm hoping this is making sense.  


      Check 1 (export value is Timeliness)

      Check 2 (export value is Written Communication)

      Check 3 (export value is Verbal Communication)

      Check 4 (export value is Teamwork)

      Check 5 (export value is Conflict Resolution)

      Check 6......

      Check 7.....

      Check 8....

      Check 9....

      Check 10....


      Item1                                                            Why1

      Item2                                                            Why2

      Item3                                                            Why3

      Item4                                                            Why4

      Item5                                                            Why5