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    Color Finesse 3 reverts to trial mode AE-CC 2015.3 (July 2016)

    Corporate Video Experts

      Sadly, an all-too familiar thing (sighs in resignation). Update CC desktop apps, something breaks.


      Color Finesse has reverted to trial mode after the latest round of updates - with no fix and no suggestions of solutions. Just a few shrugs.

      Please Adobe, this isn't a game, it's a huge and regular waste of time. Any help?

      Anything? Grunt... make a noise... something.

      Worked on Sunday, Doesn't work on Monday.


      Color Finesse 3 LE, 3.0.14(309)


      32Gb RAM, 22% Used

      Windows 10 Pro, all latest updates installed.


      Any suggestions from anyone most gratefully received!