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    Naming pages for alternate versions in InDesign

    noidontthankyou Level 1

      Hello All,


      I am laying out a mailer in InDesign, and will need to create a couple of slight variations for 4 printed variations of the postcard.

      My thought was to do this in one file, so I could make the versions easily without working across multiple files in case there were edits to be made or updates to the character and paragraph styles. If it were Illustrator, I would simply rename and arrange the artboards as needed to keep them straight, is there something similar I can do to rename pages in Indesign? It would be great to have them differentiated as "Retailer 1 Front, Retailer 2 Front, Retailer 2 Back, Generic Front" etc, so I essentially got the easy workflow of Illustrator and the smaller file size and efficient image management of Indesign.


      Additionally, if this simply isn't an effective thing to do in Indesign I would happily take any suggestions on how to improve this workflow.

      I searched for similar topics but could not find any recent ones that addressed this.