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    Circle Wobbling Upon Rotation


      I am a beginner animator, so I apologize if the solution to this is right under my nose. I was having this issue months back, and after a bunch of Google searches I gave up.

      I am trying to rotate a circle imported via an Illustrator file on a new, blank composition. It's dimensions are (4:3) 1280x960 and is going to be aired on our buildings closed circuit network that broadcasts in standard definition. I have square pixel settings enabled (what all the searches suggested).

      Everytime that I go to rotate the circle, it wobbles off the center point a little bit and it not completely still 360 degrees around, which won't be okay to work with given the design. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? I have a feeling it is something with the settings that is a little off that is making it go off the exact axis for some reason.

      Greatly appreciated!