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    How do I change my Photographic plan by other Adobe product?


      Good day gents,


      hope someone could help me on it. recently I've start an investment with some friends where I'll be the responsible to create illustrations, so I need to change my current plan which is the Photographic one (with Photoshop and Lightroom) by an unique product, the Adobe Illustrator, but I found so much difficult to do that by the Adobe website. Could someone help me to understand how can I do that?


      informative: I live and work in Brazil, the prices should not be the same than USA and other countries. Here in Brazil the Photographic plan is something about BRZ 24,90 per month, and an unique product (as the Illustrator) is something about BRZ 89,90 per month.


      I really appreciate if anyone could help me, thank you very much in advance!


      Alain Ibrahim


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