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    Move from Ext. Hard Drive to another Hard Drive


      My Lightroom catalogue is on a 1 T external and I have had to remove items in order to not run out of room when I import photos into Lightroom from camera. So I thought I would get a bigger hard drive (4T) and just copy everything to there including the catalogue, open up Lightroom direct it to the new hard drive and be done with it. No it will not allow me to 'add' any of the files and is having a hard time when I click on the catalogue setting in the new Hard Drive. It should be a simple thing to remedy but alas I cannot find the solution. Anyone out there can help me? (The 1 T is very sluggish and I fear it may be capture in no time.


      I have Mac latest operating system

      Lightroom CC

      I use Carbon Copy Cloner and Time Machine to back up