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    NEED HELP - Using gif files in Animate



      Reducing Flash FIle to GiF animation file - reduce to 65kb without losing quality? How can i reduce a flash file to meet this industry standard?

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          Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee

          GIF animation files are inherently heavy. You could try optimizing your content by:

          1 reducing the number of frames and,

          2 number of colors used,

          3 reducing the image size(area),  before exporting.

          Also there are third party tools that could further optimize the exported GIF.

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            rocky_vega01 Level 1

            what is currently being used to create web friendly web banners? And how can I do it with Animate? Do you know?

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              just.emma Level 4

              For a 65k gif, you're only going to be able to have a few frames, and no complex animation/tweens.  You could probably have 4 or 5 frames within those file size limitations, and the best tool for this would probably be Photoshop. Here are some detailed instructions: Create frame animations in Photoshop 


              And here is a tutorial with images that you might also find helpful: How to Make an Animated GIF in Photoshop [Tutorial]


              For more complex animation, Animate CC is a great tool for HTML5 banner ads!  However, that would have to be part of the media buy for the campaign that you're working on.  If they've only booked image ads, there's only so much you can do within those specs.

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                rocky_vega01 Level 1

                I have animate cc - but the final images come out over 140kb.... thats with reducing 2 photo images to 70 DPI and all other aspects created in flash (colors and text).


                So, html5 - is what all web content is being built for (multi platform friendly).... when i save file as "other formats" in Animate... it saves it as a HTML5 Canvas file..... with ".fla" still as the extension..... can a web developer still use this file?? (when they request a html5 file?)


                Or am i doing something wrong here?

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                  just.emma Level 4

                  If you are doing an animated gif that needs to be under 65k, you should use Photoshop, not Animate, and keep it under 5 frames total.  It's not going to be a complex animation with tweens/transitions; it would just be several different images/frames rotating.  Take a look at the tutorial I posted above to get an idea of the kind of thing you could do in a few frames.


                  For HTML5 Canvas within Animate CC, the source file is still a Fla, but the published files will be HTML, Javascript, and images.  You should not build a HTML5 banner unless the specs/media plan for what you're working on allow it. 


                  If HTML5 is allowed, you would need to know how the ads are being served (through Sizmek, DCM, Adwords, Flashtalking, etc).  Every ad serving company has slightly different requirements in terms of how files need to be set up and how clickTags should be implemented, so I can't give you any further advice unless you know how your ads are being served.

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                    Garrett T. Level 1

                    Yes, definitely. Use Photoshop, it handles gifs much better.

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                      Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      One note on DPI, 72 dpi is the standard value for bringing things into Animate. But it's the pixel width and height, and the compression amount, that affect the file size (as well as the nature of the image). One thing you can do is to publish your Canvas project and then go into the images folder, and optimize the images after they are published.

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