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      A LOT of people are having trouble exporting swf files to mov without having their hard work look like crap because of artifacts being left behind and traces of mc all over the stage. I was one of those people. KEYWORD: "WAS"..... WAS!!!!

      I really hope this process works for everyone cause it does for me.

      1ST: You have finished your animation and are ready to send it to your boss. Great! but dont!

      2ND: You need to FILE>EXPORT>EXPORT MOVIE to make sure your animation actually still looks like your...
      animation and doesnt have distortions. Exporting....Exporting....Exporting.

      3RD: Oooooohhhhh crap it does... big surprise. of course it does. IT ALWAYS DOES!!!!! But all is not lost.

      4TH: Go back to the .fla. Now drop that frame rate down to about half of what ever it is.

      5TH: AWWWWEE what do ya know, NO DISTORTING! Now raise it up about 5fps.

      6TH: No distorting!. Now repeat step 5 until you are back to your original frame rate. And export. NO
      DISTORTIONS!!!!!!!!! Jesus Christ, Monkey balls!

      Yes I know completely ridiculous. And your thinking, "This guy is an idiot and just wants attention". That maybe true, but i swear by my momma that this works. I dont know why it does, but it does. It is completely annoying to have to keep exporting you file that many times but slightly less annoying then having your hard work completely ruined.

      This process is to save work that you have already done. But from now on before you start a new .fla keep that frame rate at 20. Thats the only frame rate that works for me.

      I really hope this works for everyone because when I was looking for the answer to this problem, I got NOTHING! Absolutely no help. Some people dont even have this problem at all! So if my process doesnt work for you, I am convinced that the problem lies somewhere in the frame rate you are using. Keep adjusting it till it fixes those distortions. Good luck and hard work to ya! :-)