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    Lightroom 4 not recognizing anything saved on external drive


      Hello. I am admittedly frequently confused by the whole catalogs concept of Lightroom, so probably this is on me. Anyway, I have recently moved all of my photos onto a few different hard drives. I moved raw files from DPP and DNG's and/or Tiffs were saved from Lightroom to the external hard drive. Now, I want to pull a few of these photos back into Lightroom from that  external drive, but when I click Import, and go to the folder, it appears as if it is empty. It's not empty but Lightroom is seeing the folders as empty. If I drag one of those photos onto the desktop, I can then add it to Lightroom from that location, but not from the external drive. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone help a fella out on this? Thank you very much! (Lightroom version 4.4, Windows machine. The Lightroom catalogs are backed up on the same external drive it seems to feel is empty when I try to import.)