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    Creative Cloud Uninstalled itself?

    Mark Matarese

      Hello, first let me start off by saying this is the first time I've ever posted a question on these forums for forgive me if I'm screwing up. I tried looking for an answer here but I couldn't find the exact situation I'm in.


      So I currently have a laptop using windows 10, it's given me very little issues but I also haven't been using it much in the last couple of months. I booted it up today and decided to try and update my creative cloud manager, which did open at the time. However, during the update, my computer accidentally restarted and when I logged back in the Creative Cloud Managed seemingly just disappeared from my PC. My other adobe apps are still downloaded and seem to function (although they ask for a new license agreement now). I checked my control panel and sure enough it seems to be the only adobe app missing.


      I figured something screwy happened as a result of the restart, so I decided I would just try to reinstall it using the CreativeCloudSet-up.exe, but the weird thing is when I launch the EXE nothing happens. The computer asks for my permission to use it, I grant it, and then nothing loads up. I got the exe off adobe's site, of course, and I scanned my laptop for some sort of virus or error and yet nothing came up. So I'm kind of at a loss here as to what I should do, does anyone have any suggestions?


      Thank You,



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          WillChill55 Level 1

          Have you paid your Adobe bill? The same thing happened to me after being 2 days late ($10.00).  None of my adobe apps worked. In the past I had at least 1 month grace period.  Even one time they didn't charge me for a missed payment and my apps continued to work fine. I called a representative and he told me, yep it's not working because we don't have your July payment.  I'd check that first. Good Luck.