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    Broken External Hard Drive


      I have been using Lightroom for many years, I take TONS of pictures and save them all to an external hard drive when I import them into Lightroom. Unfortunately, my daughter thought it would be a great idea to pull the hard drive off the desk where it inevitably broke. I can no still see my images in the Lightroom catalog but cant edit or export without the hard drive to back it up. Is there any way to be able to access my photos, at least to export or salvage in some way through Lightroom? I tried a data recovery on the hard drive but had no luck.

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          Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It may be possible to use the previews but they are no replacement for original files.

          Did you have a backup of the disk in question?

          What happens on your computer when the disk is plugged in?? Can you see it at all???

          What error messages from data recovery???

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            carlybird91 Level 1

            Unfortunately the hard drive was my back up, I have had problems in the past with other computers from having too many image files crowding things us so I kept everything on this external. Believe me i have learned my lesson. When I plug the hard drive in I can find it under the device management window, and when I trouble shoot the problem it says "no driver" and makes a nasty sound as it tries to run. I took it to two different computer repair places and both said it was shot. It has about 10 years of pictures on it,

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              carlybird91 Level 1

              I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!! You can export the images via a web gallery without being connected to the original file!!!

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                JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

                You do keep a backup EHD with backup copies of all your photos, right?  I keep all my photos on an EHD with a cloned backup on a second EHD which is updated weekly using backup software.  You can't blame your daughter for this, all EHDs will eventually fail, hence the important need for a backup.