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    InDesign CS6: Nasty pdf export dialog display problem


      I'm running InDesign CS6 on a MacBook Pro with an external monitor in addition to the MacBook's own screen.


      When exporting to pdf, InDesign places the dialog box partially off the screen, with the top half of the dialog inaccessible, so that I can't "grab" it by the title bar and drag it down onto the screen normally. This happens whether or not I have only one screen enabled -- that is, it does this when I close the screen on the MacBook to force display on the external monitor, or if I unplug the external monitor to force  display on the MacBook monitor. Here's a screen shot from the MacBook display:


      Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.44.37 PM.png


      Has anybody else had this happen, and how did you correct it? If I have to change a pdf export from Print to Press-Ready, I'm going to be in huge trouble.


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