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    Keeping notes on photos

    margolisr Level 1

      I would like to be able to keep notes on some images.  The information would be different than the metadata that is being captured.  If possible, I would like to be able to sort on the Notes field. Is there someway to do that in Lightroom or Bridge?  I did write 2 sample notes in the Description field in File Information in Bridge.  However I could not sort on that field.  I noticed when adding Tags, that there are sticky notes.  Any other ideas?  Thanks.

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          JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

          If you set Metadata to show both EXIF and IPTC, it is possible to add text to the Title, Caption, and User Comment fields in the IPTC Metadata.  When you filter images by text, and Lightroom looks in all the text fields including these 3.  You would have to come up with a logical text in either one of these fields to suit your needs.  In my example, if I filter the text "Lake Placid Fireworks", this image, among others will appear.  In Lightroom, you cannot sort on these fields, only filter according to words in the fields.

          Screenshot 2016-07-11 21.54.15.png

          If you select IPTC data only, then there are several fields available to add text, all of which should be available in the text filter, only a filter, not a sort function.

          Screenshot 2016-07-11 22.04.00.png

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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            You could add your notes to any of the text fields you see in LR's Metadata panel, e.g. Caption, Title, Description, User Comment, Headline, Instructions, Source.  You could use the List View or Data Explorer plugins to sort by the field.    Note that many of those fields have purposes specified by various standards, but nothing stops you from using them as you wish.  The text boxes in the Metadata panel will automatically expand to accommodate whatever you type.