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    Interactive pdf export preference

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      Dear Friends,


      My work: I need to create interactive pdf and including some preference value is below i have place screenshot.


      I need "interactive pdf export preference setting" only. I have try some code but not working. What i need to interactive pdf setting in the below screenshot. Otherwise, i have place my code also. Please suggest friends.


      My code:


      var myDocument = app.activeDocument;  
      var myFileName;  
      if (myDocument.modified == false) {  
          myFileName = myDocument.fullName + "";  
          if (myFileName.indexOf(".indd") != -1) {  
              var myRegularExpression = /.indd/gi;  
              myFileNamePDF_Web = myFileName.replace(myRegularExpression, ".pdf");  
          with(app.pdfExportPreferences) {  
      //************************* Need help ********************************      
              colorBitmapCompression = BitmapCompression.AUTO_COMPRESSION;
              colorBitmapCompression = BitmapCompression.zip;  
              colorBitmapQuality = CompressionQuality.MAXIMUM;  
              colorBitmapSampling = Sampling.BICUBIC_DOWNSAMPLE;  
              colorBitmapSamplingDPI = 300;  
      //************************* Need help ********************************      
          myDocument.exportFile(ExportFormat.INTERACTIVE_PDF, new File(myFileNamePDF_Web));  
      } else {  
          alert("Save your file before continuing");  







      Please help friend very urgent process


      Thanks in Advance.