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    Indesing server cc version is not starting

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      I have got indesing server CC (ID9/CS7) version from https://www.adobeprerelease.com/beta/E31BC525-5F97-4E90-8ECD-5209CB404F08

      This is Windows 10 machine.

      I started using trial using command adobe_prtk --tool=StartTrial --leid=InDesignServer-CS7-Win-GM
      and then indesignserver -port 4444 at indesign server installed location.

      Here the output I get

      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC Server x64>indesignserver -port 4444


      .  InDesign CC Server Version 9.0 x64 Evaluation

      .  Copyright 1999-2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated and its licensors.

      .  All rights reserved. See the other legal notices in the ReadMe.


      07/12/16 11:28:15 INFO  [server] Initializing

      07/12/16 11:28:15 INFO  [server] Loading the application

      07/12/16 11:28:15 INFO  [server] Scanning for plug-ins

      07/12/16 11:28:15 INFO  [server] Registering 113 plug-ins

      07/12/16 11:28:15 INFO  [server] Completing Object Model

      07/12/16 11:28:15 INFO  [server] Saving Object Model

      07/12/16 11:28:15 INFO  [server] Initializing plug-ins

      07/12/16 11:28:15 INFO  [server] Calling Early Initializers

      07/12/16 11:28:15 INFO  [server] Starting up Service Registry


      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC Server x64>


      and server is stopped. Can you please tell what could be the reason.


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