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    Hyperlink to page trouble


      We are working on a huge project of over 800 pages, composed of about 26 docs embedded in a book. We have to hyperlink, in the first doc called "Index", a huge amount of hyperlinks to the different document. My working mate has hyperlinked about half of the indexed items through the >New hyperlink >Page >(Doc name) >Page number (the rest irrelevant). He has asked me to do the same for the rest of the document and I did so. I returned the document to him but here is the issue: if the first document has 10 pages (starting at 1, finishing at 10), if I have hyperlinked to page 3 and I checked the Hyperlink panel, it's all fine on my computer but on my working mate's one, once I have returned the documents (the "Index" doc and all the documents towards which we hyperlinked), the result is odd: if he checks the hyperlink which should go to page 3, it links to the first page, that means page 1. Same for all other links going to pages 2 to 10, all link to page 1.

      We both use InDesign CC. Any clue what the troubleshooting is and how to fix it. This indexation took us over 20 hours (had to me made manually).

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          Thomas Rüesch Level 1

          The working mate here. Just wanted to add that all of these hyperlinks point to External pages destinations. All of the hyperlinks point to other embedded document in the same InDesign book. Also, the first 60-ish pages of the document have a pagination in Roman numbers, the rest of the document is then in Arabic numbers. Maybe that has some incidence too?

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            Thomas Rüesch Level 1

            Found the solution! Feel a bit dumb… The problem was the path to the destination documents. My mate was working on his desktop and I was working on a specific volume. This means that it was pointing to the wrong files and, as it didn't find them, reset the link to the default page.


            Here is how it was resolved:

            1. Make sure that the destination documents are open in InDesign before anything else.

            2. Make sure that the path to the destination documents is correct. This is very important.

            3. Finally, I wrote a small script to change the paths to the correct documents, see below if it is any help:



            Hope it will help other people too!


            EDIT: The script doesn't seem to show above (point 3), see below:


            var hyperlinks = app.activeDocument.hyperlinks;


            for (var i=0; i<hyperlinks.length; i++) {

                if (hyperlinks[i].destination.documentPath.fullName.indexOf("Term to search in the path, i.e. 'Desktop'") != -1) {

                    if (hyperlinks[i].destination.documentPath.fullName.indexOf("Term to search in the document name") != -1) {

                        hyperlinks[i].destination.documentPath = File("The full path to the correct document");




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