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    Universal links iOS 9 (deep-linking) with Phonegap Build

    mkih40437034 Level 1

      Hello PGB community,

      i want to support on my PGB app the new iOS 9 deeplinking feature (universal links) but after research, i found out that in order to make it work i have to use a plugin that uses cordova hooks. The plugin is: GitHub - nordnet/cordova-universal-links-plugin: Cordova plugin to support Universal/Deep Links for iOS/Android.

      There's a statement here: Does this plugin work with Phonegap Build? · Issue #28 · nordnet/cordova-universal-links-plugin · GitHub  that says PGB supports cordova hooks but i didn't see any official announcement or something similar on the forum.


      Does anyone know if it's possible to achieve deeplinking (universal links) with PGB yet?