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    PrE14 - why disappears sound when importing MP4?




      Since yesterday I have trouble with AUDIO-track in PrE 14, suppose I disjusted some prefs??

      I am using WIN 7 .


      The facts:

      MP4 - Full HD 1920 x 1080, Audio 165 kBits / sec, 48 kHz (output from previous step in PrE14)


      New Project, import MP4-file

      --> Sound track is mute! No waves shown.  WHY???   It worked all the days before 8-)


      Size of MP4-file doesn´t matter: I tried with small + big ones.


      Has anybody a good idea???





      Nachricht geändert durch Anita Schwerdtfeger Problem solved!!! But I dont really know, HOW  :-) Project Preferences had changed to  NTSC, no idea when and why.  I changed them - only ONCE - to HD 1080, then it works!! Even for existing project with this problem. HAPPY  :-) :-) :-)  Anita