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    Premiere Elements 7 Question


      A very good day to you ... this is my first on this forum, so apologies if I am going about trying to solve a problem the wrong way.


      I am running Adobe Premiere Elements 7 (bought Feb 2009) and am having issues where once I have transferred video footage into it, the video does not show. Audio is fine and I can 'sort of' access video by activating Motion Tracking Mode but am then unable to fade the video - whilst audio responds to all editing.

      I have played with all sorts of properties to remedy the issue but without success.

      My slow brain has now come to the simple conclusion that Windows 10 is not entirely compatible with Elements 7!


      Is this possibly the cause of my problem and if I upgrade to Elements 14 is it possible that everything will work just as happily as it used to?


      Thank you.


      Apologies for not being particularly explicit or technical.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it?


          How did you get your video from your camcorder to your computer?


          Have you got Quicktime 7 installed, per the program's requirement?


          You're using a very old version of the program, and it is very limited in the types of video it can edit. If you're trying to edit video from a source other than a miniDV or HDV tape-based camcorder, it would be wise to upgrade.


          In fact, downloading the free trial of version 14 might be a very good idea. You may find that it's many improvements over the past 7 generations will make editing much easier on every level.

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            alanr71823871 Level 1

            Hi Steve. Many thanks for responding.

            Just snatching a few minutes to answer, so will be brief I'm afraid.

            Using a Canon HG10 HD Camcorder. Have been transferring files from this to the computer via cable, for years now.

            Until upgrading to Windows 10, everything has been 'hunky dory'.

            Now, if I try and transfer old footage, that I have successfully edited in the past, into Adobe, I have the same issue.

            Video shows up on the timeline, but not in the editing window.

            I think I will try downloading the free trial of version 14 and go from there. If that works, then I'll buy the upgrade and be grateful of having the latest version.


            Many thanks for your 'guidance'.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              That Canon is an AVCHD camcorder, which version 7 can edit but not terribly well. Since version 11, the program has gotten much better with this format -- in fact, it's the ideal format for current versions of the program. You may want to download the trial of version 14 and give it a test drive.


              That said, you haven't said if you've got Quicktime installed on your computer. You will need it to edit many video formats. That's why it's required by the program.

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                alanr71823871 Level 1

                A rather late, but good evening Steve.

                Apologies for not answering your questions fully earlier but I was having to shuffle the needs of 5 grandchildren earlier this evening and could only snatch a few minutes free time!


                An interesting question about Quicktime. My immediate answer would have been "Yes ... I have used it regularly".

                Yes, I used to see it working regularly ... but ... having searched the computer - there is NO sign of it!!


                ??? Have I deleted it at some time? Has it been quietly removed? Where is it? So, is this possibly the cause of my current problem? I shall consider reinstalling it and attempt editing again. Should everything work as it should, it'll be many thanks to you. If everything does run smoothly, I shall probably still upgrade to Elements 14, just to bring my software up to date.


                Will let you know what happens.

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                  alanr71823871 Level 1

                  Well, Steve, here goes ...

                  I uploaded Quicktime and as I was doing that, I remembered having deleted it some time ago. As I recall, I had messages warning me that Quicktime was a weakness in my computer's defences and viruses could worm their way into my system, so I removed it.

                  Current video is being played using Cyberlink Power DVD 10 and Movies & TV.


                  Once Quicktime was reinstated, this morning, I looked to see how my stored video footage would play. MOV files were able to access Quicktime but MTS and VOB files were not.

                  I then tried transferring video files into Premiere Elements 7 and still MTS and MOV files showed up correctly in the timeline but would not show in the editing window.

                  If I transferred VOB files into Elements 7, they would not work unless I followed the pop up windows comments:

                  first:                 "Fix quality problems in clips?"

                  followed by:     "The format of the clips you are adding do not match the project settings format.

                                           For best results you should use a project preset that matches your clips. Do you

                                           want to change the project settings to match your clips?"


                  If I reply YES to both of these, the VOB files can be seen correctly in the editing window. If I then import MTS and MOV files, they too will run correctly. If I delete the VOB files from Elements 7, the others still work correctly.


                  Any ideas as to what is going on? My next investigation would be to remove Quicktime from the computer and retry this method of importing files into Elements 7 ... but not yet. I'll wait and see if you are able top shed any light on this perplexing situation.


                  I am not yet going to trial Elements 14 until I can better understand the current situation.


                  Many thanks for your suggestions and advice to date, I am very much obliged.



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    I still recommend downloading the trial of version 14 to see if you still have the same issues.


                    As I said, version 7 is a very old version of the program, and it is rather limited in the types of files it can edit well.