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    Adobe Flash CS6: "Unexpected file format"


      Hi all,


      Firstly apologies if posted in wrong forum.


      We've been experiencing an issue when users have opened their .fla files - they are presented with the "unexpected file format" error.


      To my knowledge, the CS6 version of flash we have is up-to-date. We've also followed the "zip repair" fix that has been suggested on numerous forum posts / websites but have however been unsuccessful in recovering the file.


      We currently look through the backups to restore earlier versions of the file(s) though any progress made since that version will have been lost. We use the software for education - and we have a number of students who are currently depending on this software for their coursework.


      One thing I have noticed when backing up to an earlier version is that straight after opening the restored file, I'm presented with a font mapping window to substitute fonts that are not installed on my system. I don't know if it has any relevance to the issue though.


      Any official response from Adobe is very much appreciated!



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          this is not an official response.


          your fla is corrupt.


          you can try to repair it (which it appears you tried) and you can sometimes restore a working fla by decompiling a working swf (if you have one).


          and you should learn to save frequent back-ups with different file names.  applying a versioning system to your saves is prudent.


          if i have a project named adobe_test_project.fla.  i immedately save adobe_test_project_001.fla.  thereafter i increment the 001.


          i have a jsfl and keyboard shortcut (ctrl-alt-s) that automatically executes the jsfl which then saves the fla with the incremented number:


          my 'save_as.jsfl':


          var doc = fl.getDocumentDOM();

          var uri = fl.getDocumentDOM().pathURI



              alert('SAVE YOUR FILE. \n\nAn initial file save is needed to establish your save directory and file name that will be used to append version numbers.');

          } else {

              var a = uri.split('_v');

              if(a[a.length-1] && a[a.length-1].length==7 && a[a.length-1].substr(-4)=='.fla'){

                  // subsequent save

                  var version = findNextVersionNumberF(a[a.length-1]);

                  var prefix = a[0];

                  for(var i=1;i<a.length-1;i++){

                      prefix = prefix+'_v'+a[i];


                  var bool = fl.saveDocument(doc,prefix+'_v'+version+'.fla');

              } else {

                  // first save

                  a = uri.split('.');

                  a[a.length-2] = a[a.length-2]+'_v000';

                  bool = fl.saveDocument(doc,a.join('.'));



                  alert('SAVE ERROR.\n\nSave manually (eg, file>save as...)');




          function findNextVersionNumberF(s){

              var version = Number(s.split('.')[0]);

              return formatF(version+1);


          function formatF(n){

              var s = String(n);


                  s = '0'+s;


              return s;