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    c4 adds unwanted indentation into my numbered lists when the text box is to the right of a photo


      Please compare entry #10 to #11 in the below photo. c4 adds unwanted indentation (not a tab character) in front of my text "Blank (5.10a/b R)...." because that text is right of a photo. But c4 correctly doesn't add that indentation for entry #11.


      The photo's text wrap options do not matter; this bug still happens. The bug happens everywhere that I have these lists right of photos.


      Incidentally, my paragraph style for this list sets a bold font and 9 point type for my text up to the first "(", then sets non-bold font up to my first comma, then sets 8 point type for text up to my first tab, then sets a funny "icon" font I built after that tab. So for entry #10, "Blank" is in 9 point helvetica narrow bold, then text goes non-bold, then drops down to 8 point, then goes into my 16 point icon font.


      If I delete my icon text, the list entry still gets the unwanted indentation.


      How can I avoid that automatic indentation in front of #10? Thanks!