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    "Cos document table full" errors when trying to batch sign a drawing package with more than 256 signature fields


      I am working to sign and stamp packages of civil engineering drawings using a batch process, but I continue to receive an error stating "Your signature appearance file appears to be corrupt.  Would you like to delete this file?  Acrobat error.  Cos document table full."  Through research online, I was able find that Acrobat tends to throw "cos document table full" errors after placing 256 signatures or stamps on a document using a batch process.  Indeed, the first 256 signatures applied just fine on my package.  I am wondering if there is any way that I can get around this error and continue to sign my drawing packages past 256 fields.  I tried clearing the temp and %tmp% folders on my computer as someone suggested, but that didn't fix anything as far as I could tell.  Yes, I know batch applying this many digital signatures is ludicrously time consuming, but these are civil engineering drawings and every single sheet must be sealed and stamped, so there's no way I can get around the batch process.  The client has requested digital signatures from now on, so I can't simply copy and paste a PDF stamp across all sheets and then use a digital signature on the first page as an overall validation.  Would splitting up the package into smaller bits, signing them, and recombining still maintain the validity of the signatures?  I know you couldn't do that using Bluebeam or it would invalidate all the signatures permanently.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, this is driving me crazy.