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    mix (add) 2 layers position information into one - script/expression?

    Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

      is there a script or an expression or a way to merge 2 layers into a third layer that will add the two position values together but in a way that the position remains unchanged?

      yes - as if I copy pasted both into a new layers. I got many many it's very messy.


      TrackerViz only get's me halfway there and it's no good. it combines the layers and offsets the first layers motion to move smooth by information from the second and I just want to add.


      I got one layer going from 5.5 (x,y) at 00:00 to 10.10(x,y) at 00:02

      other layer going from 15.5(x,y) at 03:00 to 25.5 (x,y) at 05:00

      and I want to add the 2 together into a new layer or even one of these layers

      5.5 to 10.10 to 15.5 to 25.5 from 00:00-05:00



      example here: