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    PDF editing


      While editing the PDF through Acrobat Pro, the images are skewing i.e., realigning the whole page inline to the text box inside.

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi sankarg58501687 ,


          Could you please tell what Operating System do you have - Windows/Mac?

          What product of Acrobat Pro do you have - Acrobat X,XI,DC?

          Could you please post a screenshot here?

          Is this happening with all the files or with this file only?


          Try to exit Acrobat and restart the Computer and then try to edit.


          Thank You!Shivam

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            sankarg58501687 Level 1



            We are evaluating the trail version to ensure whether Acrobat Pro DC

            is fulfil our requirement or not. In this process, we have edited the PDF

            file to make compatible with text reading on scanned image. Once we edited,

            then the image inside the pdf is rotating based on the text alignment. our

            requirement is to not disturb the scanned image orientation.

            Please refer the snap shots.


            Before Editing is wrongly orientated and correctly scanned in all the

            directions, but where as the same PDF was used for editing then it is

            rotating and creating more gaps along the edges. This indicate others that

            scanning done wrongly.


            Please provide any solution to created the editable text from the scanned

            imaged without disturbing the current layout. Thanks.

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              onkesh Adobe Employee

              Hi Sankar,


              I need some more information regarding the issue.

              • Can you please specify if this is related to a single files or the issue is reproducible on multiple files?
                • If this is file specific, can you share with us the file.
              • You have mentioned about some screen-shots in your post, they are not visible. Can you share them again?
              • Can you specify the build version of Acrobat DC that you are using?
              • Can you elaborate the steps further?
              • It seems you are working with a scanned file. Can you specify if you had scanned the file directly using Acrobat or has it been supplied to you before hand.


              Looking forward to your cooperation.




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                paulh54619783 Level 1

                Hello sankarg58501687,

                If your Image is Skewing then you can follow some different trick to Edit and convert your PDF in a word file. To do these follow these steps:

                First Solution: By using Google Drive

                Go to www.Google.com

                Search for Google Doc and open it.

                Drag and Drop the file you want to edit.

                Wait until uploading and it will be displayed in the drive as shown in the fig.

                Right click on the File and choose the file to OpenWith the Google Docs

                Now, the File would open in New Tab and you can Edit it in the way you want.


                Alternate solution simple solution:

                1. By using SysTools PDF Unlocker
                2. Download PDF Unlocker Software
                3. Browse the restricted PDF file
                4. Select PDF file then Click “Open” Button
                5. Select destination
                6. Then click Unlock PDF Button

                For detailed and clear understanding. kindly refer to the following link:

                Best Ways to Convert Adobe PDF to MS Word and Word To PDF | pdf-tips.blogspot.in

                Thanks & Regards
                Paul Hogan