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    Crashes with LR6.6 when importing pictures

    manuelaw98189123 Level 1

      Hey dear community,

      has somebody else also the problem, that LR6.6 crashes ( goes to deadlock loop ) when downloading pictures?


      If so, is there a help??


      System I am running


      MACBookPro mid 2010

      OS X 10.11.4

      The program runs into the mistakes mode unintendetly even having worked for sessions correctly


      My help is : strg-contr-alt-esc and immediately stop program. Afterwards it runs for a while.


      Thanks for a feedback


      Best regards from Frankonia

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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi Frankonia,


          Could you please let me know if you are trying to import images from an external device?

          If yes, try copying the images to the desktop and then try to import the images.

          Also go to the Preferences, and then performance, and make sure the option for "Use graphics processor" is unchecked.




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            manuelaw98189123 Level 1

            Hey dear Tanuj,

            in short my feedback

            1. "use graphics processor" in unchecked all time
            2. happens as well when importing from Camera ( D800 and CANON G7x) as also directly from the harddisc of the MACBook


            hope this gives you more clearity



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              Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

              Thank you for the information.

              I would suggest you to uninstall and reinstall Lightroom once from your computer and then check if the application still freezes or not.

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                manuelaw98189123 Level 1

                Hey Tanuj

                now I have a problem

                I have uninstalled the programm, but how to download now again?

                I do not find a way from may personal folder how to get it.

                Please send me a hint :-)

                best regards from Frankonia

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                  I have had the same problem since updating to CC 2015.6 [ 1078672 ]. I

                  have no problems with earlier versions.


                  There have been many complaints on the web about this problem However,

                  I don't know if Adobe knows or acknowledges  that there's a major problem.

                  Something in Adobe land is obviously wrong.


                  A long on-line session with Lightroom tech support where they remotely

                  controlled my Mac yielded nothing.


                  It seems that there is a memory leak when going to

                  Import. To see this, launch Mac > Activity Monitor > Memory. When

                  Lightroom tries to launch Import and there's a spinning beach ball,

                  watch Lightroom's memory in Activity Monitor as it climbs into MANY

                  gigabytes. I've had Lightroom try to consume over 26GB of memory! Once

                  the memory starts climbing, doing a Force Quit is the only escape.


                  Lightroom Import eventually works after several failed

                  attempts with no change in the computer's configuration.


                  Things that I've experimented with no luck include:

                       • A long on-line session with Lightroom tech support where they remotely

                  controlled my Mac yielded nothing.

                       • Turning on/off in System Preferences Lightroom Plug-ins.

                       • Going on & off-line, with and without Creative Cloud. No luck.

                       • Uninstalling & reinstalling Lightroom. Reverted back. Works fine with

                  earlier versions; but, of course, new functions are missing.

                       • Deleting Lightroom's .plist files in the Library.

                  Lightroom creates a new one. You'll have to reselect some preferences.

                  Quitting all other apps Different or no camera cards.


                  Some progress:

                  My theories on the cause of this problem changes with the phase of the

                  moon. Apparently, Adobe has deactivated the full screen mode with this

                  version. If you hover the mouse cursor over the green dot at the top

                  left of the Lightroom window, you will see a plus sign, not the two

                  expansion arrows that's in most other Mac apps. This makes me think

                  that Adobe knows there's a graphics problem. My latest plan of attack

                  is to make the Lightroom window smaller before quitting Lightroom.

                  Have no edge of the Lightroom window touch the screen's edge or top

                  menu. Then quit and relaunch. Lightroom launch time also seems a bit shorter.


                  If Lightroom freezes, I now:

                       1. Force Quit. Relaunch. Do NOT import.

                       2. Make Lightroom window smaller so it does not touch any menu or screen edge.

                       3. Quit. Relaunch.

                  With luck, Import will then work. When it works, in the Import mode, folders in

                  existing hard drives will immediately display. If they don't display, Lightroom will

                  probably freeze and obviously won't import. Have a drink and repeat above steps.

                  Perhaps, by the next full moon, I'll have a different theory.




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                    manuelaw98189123 Level 1

                    Hey Peter,

                    seems you are discribing the problem like it is.

                    Would be really good from ADOBE to react on the facts.

                    I hope with Lightroom does not go the way like APERTURE went.


                    Till now I found LIGHTROOM a real good software with an excellent performance and quite good tools


                    Lets hope, somebody is looking more deeply on it.


                    Greetings and again liked the way you have investigated on the phenomena

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                      Joseph Ingerham

                      Everyone reading this post,


                      Peter I have been having the same problems with adobe and LightRoom now for over a year now and still they can not correct the issue.  I'm sure if I had some type of issue with my payments they would find a way to make sure I wasn't able to use the program.  I also think it is funny (not really) but the Staff person who was answering all of the questions before you posted your issue all of a sudden stopped responding.  I have spend countless HOURS, yes HOURS on the phone with Adobe and still not fix. 


                      It doesn't matter where I import images from; cameras, external hard drives, thumb drives, or the IMac's hard drive itself, LightRoom locks up and restarts the computer.


                      I got so irritated about this issue and so tired of ADOBE saying it is something wrong with my computer or the install, I took my IMAC to Apple and hand THEM do a complete erase of the hard drive and installed a fresh new install of the operating system.  I then went through and reinstalled all of my programs and I still have the same problem with ADOBE LIGHTROOM!!!


                      Apparently ADOBE knows it has a problem and simply has no clue as to how to fix the problem, and instead of telling everyone, because they fear they will abandon ship with adobe products they just simply keep giving the customers the run around, or it seems in this case once again they just stop responding to questions.


                      I guess it is time to start looking around for other programs that will actually work when you need them, and not just crash when you upload photos.  What good is a product that has all kinds of potential but crashes and fails to work when you try an use it.


                      Adobe, if you can fix this problem I would have no problem paying for and using your products; however, I have yet to find anyone who has been helped by you to correct this problem and I have not received any software updates that seem to address this issue.



                      A very unhappy paying customer,



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                        peterg1510 Level 1

                        Joe & Manuel

                        Thanks for your replies. I did some more testing with no improvement.


                        Tests included deleting my Mac > User > Login items and all apps that automatically launch when logging in. No luck.


                        I did a single Mac boot in the Safe mode and LR worked. Would have to do many Safe boots to confirm.


                        LR does launch and work OK sometimes with my normal Login items & configuration. Once it works OK, it continues to work OK. In other words, LR either launches and continues to work or it freezes the first time when switching to LR > Import.


                        I have already uninstalled and reinstalled LR 2015.6.  Problem returns.

                        Graphics processor is not checked.


                        EVERY Lightroom freeze is accompanied by a memory leak (perhaps not the correct name), which eventually grows to dozens of GIGAbytes (e.g. >26GB) of memory used according to "Activity Monitor". This never happened with previous Lightroom versions. Reverted back to earlier LR versions, which works OK. Reinstall most recent LR and problem returns.


                        Except for a LR programming bug, I can't think of any reason why another Mac app could cause LR to consume many gigabytes of memory and freeze. The fact that old LR versions work and the newest doesn't tells me something's wrong with the new version. Duh!


                        Although I have not looked deeply, there are some gripes with Windows 10 users with a similar problem.


                        Too bad that Adobe gives no indication that the have even looked at or acknowledged the problem. I'd be happy to send them a crash report, which is created when I Force Quit.



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                          peterg1510 Level 1

                          Lightroom Freeze 2016-07-16_07-17-52_PM.png

                          Above is a screen capture showing a frozen Lightroom while it was trying to open the "Import" module.

                          1. In Lightroom, the primary hard drive (Macintosh HD) could not expand to display any folders inside this drive. Other connected drives, including an internal SSD and external HD are not even visible. No SD photo card is plugged in.

                          2. In Activity Monitor, Lightroom wants 31.20GB of memory. I finally Force Quit LR after it got above 41GB. (Once LR memory starts to expand like this, LR will never fix itself.

                          While it may be that another app is conflicting with Lightroom, I think Adobe should be able to write code that's immune from other apps. They could do that with earlier LR versions. I have lots of programs on my Mac and I don't know of any that interfere with another like what's happening in LR.

                          Thanks fer listenin'