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    sporadic web services/remote service 'Send Fails' error

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      We have a flex application (swf) embedded in a war application.

      The flex will use web services to get back some data, it needs a parameter from http session, so we use blazeDS to get the paramter value from session, so we also have a remote data service.

      It all work fine, but from time to time after we log in to the web, we see 'Send Fails' error, sometimes it is error getting the parameter value from remote service, sometimes it is error getting from web services. If i ctrl+refresh, it works again. We suspect it is related to session or caching, but we have a large session timeout, and we already use a query string appended to swf. Often time it is the first time we log in if i have not hit the app for a while.

      Please let me know if you need more details.