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    Duplicated particle has more particles?


      I'm trying to create a looping particle effect, so I duplicated the solid that I attached a particle to and since the lifetime of my particles is 3 seconds I went to the 3 second mark and moved the start of particle a to this point and at that same point made particle b stop emitting particles. This mostly works but I have a strange problem where particle a seems to have a few particles that particle b doesn't have. I'm probably explaining this horribly so here's a comparison of the frames that are being looped on.


      Fate : Screenshot Comparison


      As you can see one of the frames has more particles than the other even though they are the same particle effect at the same time period, I'm not sure why one of these has some particles the other does not. I'm not sure how to export a composition or something or I would attach exactly what I did, do I have to send the whole aep file?

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          Renari Level 1

          I seem to have found the solution to my problem, the issue I'm having is I set a keyframe with birthrate 2 at the beginning and another with birthrate 0 at the 3 second mark. This was causing the birthrate to ease down to 0. I fixed it by using 3 keyframes, one at the start that says 2, one at 3 seconds that says 2 and one at 3 seconds + 1 frame that says 0.