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    Mocha Pro 5 & After Effects Crashes

    Friberg91 Level 1

      I've been running Mocha Pro 5 (Plugin version) and After Effects for about a month now and even though it hasn't been perfect all the time it's been working. So I received a new computer last week and for some reason it crashes all the time. So what seems to be happening is that the application is running out of memory. The error I get says "Unable to allocate enough memory to render the current frame". This is while tracking in Mocha Pro 5. I never experienced this on the older computer (co-worker's computer).


      Is there anyone that have run into similar problems? I'll write the computer specs below if they have anything to do with it.


      New Setup:


      64gb DDR4 RAM
      GeForce GTX 1070

      SSD Samsung EVO 850 (Programs)
      SSD Samsung PRO 950 (Scratch Disk)


      Old Setup:

      32gb DDR4 RAM

      GeForce GTX 980ti

      SSD Samsung EVO 850

      No Scratch disk.


      I've tried every 2014 and 2015 After Effects version, changed allocated RAM and tried all sorts of software changes.


      The only thing I can think that might cause the problems is that the RAM can't clear fast enough compared to the GPU's speed. On the old setup the program would just slow down when it started running out of RAM and started clearing it. On the new one, which is about 3 times faster from what I can see, the RAM starts clearing but about a few seconds after is when it crashes.


      I've also noticed that on the new setup the scratch disk will fill up about 30gb when doing the current tracking. While doing the same one on the old computer will take up about 230gb. Can't seem to understand why that is. The temp folder on the older computer sits on a normal hard drive.


      I hope all of the things make sense. If you have any questions let me know. I kind of want to solve the issue as soon as possible.