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    highlighting in scanned document - worked, then didn't

    ken thu huongc86137616

      Hi, folks,


      (First time on any forum… :-)


      I have a large scanned document, a Latin dictionary, 400Mb.


      I have tried OCR'ing it, but the results are not satisfactory.


      So of course text highlighting is not available.  To this point I had substituted yellow-framed links pointing to the link itself – it works, but not elegant.


      Earlier today, I discovered – to my delight – that the highlight tool gave me true highlighting – as with a highlighter pen – the original brand was HiLiter, I think, maybe?


      So I started using that – deleted a few of my yellow-framed links, changed them to HiLiter highlighting.


      In that process, more than once as I was dragging the highlighting cursor – a small circle with an arrow pointing into it – each time the highlighting just stopped at some point, and Acrobat had become unusable, unclose-able, etc – it had effectively hung or died.


      Then, on one of those occasions, I rebooted Windows (W7).  When I came back in and started to do the highlighting again, I discovered – to my dismay, this time – that now the highlighting tool referred to highlighting text, and if I tried to use it, Acrobat would want to OCR the page.


           WHAT HAPPENED?




      I haven't done anything – not intentionally, at least – to either get that effect, or to lose it – seems that both have just happened.


      Help!  Please?  Thanks!