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    Folder Hierarchy Incorrect


      Hi... my folder hierarchy for my Lr is somehow not showing up correctly... I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or if it's a bug.  I have my Lr setup so that all of my photos are imported by date, and then create collections for specific events.  Running the latest CC version.  Taking a look at my Folders section in the left pane, it should look like this:

      Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.21.38 PM.JPG

      Everything neatly organized into folders by year, with sub folders for months and then further sub folders for individual dates.  This is the way it is organized on my hard drive:

      Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.24.29 PM.JPG

      This is the way I've always kept my files.  Recently, however, I just noticed that some dates are at the top level of the folder

      Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.26.01 PM.JPG

      You can see 1999 is fine but for some reason, the year 2000 through 2010 are all showing in the top level--no longer nested into years and months--and a couple of other month folders ("01" and "10") are there as well.  However, when I actually click the "show in finder" link, they still appear to be nested and in the correct place on my drive.  Take the 2000-01-11 folder in the picture above.  If I click "show in finder" this is how it appears:

      Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.28.41 PM.JPG

      Note at the bottom of the image, you can see that it is till properly nested by year, month, and then day.  Any ideas how I get it to display in the Folder window in Lr properly?  I'm having to scroll through thousands of individual days to navigate around vs. just having years and letting me select the year.  Additionally, it's started again with the year 2014 through 2015:

      Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.30.28 PM.JPG

      You can see up until October it was fine, but then starts dropping in individual days again vs. month/day.  Looking at the 2014-03-26 folder above (the first one after October that is at least nested in 2014, but not by month), while it's not the way I'd ideally want it, it does at least match the structure on the hard drive (which I've gotta figure out how to fix). 


      I have tried restarting Lr and rebooting my Mac.  Additionally, I was having an "unable to change module" error when opening Lr which required me to uninstall and reinstall Lr . 


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thank you. 

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Check your Import Destination settings-

          If you use { By Date: 2016/7/13 }  and select the top level image folder (eg. My Pictures), then the import will select as you want it.


          Similarly for the detailed 'Date Format' { By Date: 2016/2016-07/2016-07-04 }

          ScreenShot062.jpg ScreenShot061.jpg


          Note that the forward slash / determines the folder structure within the Top level images folder.


          Do not  re-import any images. You can re-arrange the folders in the folder panel by drag-and-drop.

          You can also select multiple folders to drag-and-drop by holding down [Ctrl] as you click select.

          You can also create new 'child' sub-folders by a right-click (Mac Cmd+click?) on a 'parent' folder.

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            Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

            Hi rtkane,


            I'm with wobertc in terms of how to import photos into the folder structure that you intend, but it sounds like you are saying that the folder structure in the Folders panel in Lightroom is telling you something different than Finder shows. It's hard for me to verify this in the screenshots you have provided because it looks like in the Folders panel you haven't revealed your full folder structure. (Lightroom unfortunately doesn't show this to you by default.)  Right-click on your highest-level folder (or one of them) and choose Show Parent Folder, then do this for the folder it reveals. Do this to as many folders as necessary for you to see your full folder hierarchy.


            Hopefully this will then show you that there is indeed a match between Finder and Lightroom. If folders then aren't where you want them, drag and drop them (using the Folders panel, not Finder!)  Then always be careful to do as wobertc suggests in terms of highlighting Lightroom Masters in the Destination panel in the Import dialog, and choosing Organize by Date (it looks like you're using yyyy/mm/yyyy-mm-dd.) 


            On an unrelated note, I'd suggest then renaming each folder to add a shoot description after the name - right-click and choose Rename.

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              rtkane Level 1

              Hi wobertc--thanks for your reply.  You have helped me ensure I have the correct import structure in place (which affected my late 2014/2015 imports and they're also now in order.  Appreciate it!


              Hi Laura,


              That's exactly the issue I seemed to be having for my 2001-2010 folders--the structure that exists within the folders panel in Lr didn't appear to match the structure that exists within Finder--it was odd that some would show it from the day, some from the month and others from the year in the folder panel (but when I clicked "show in finder" it was definitely in the right place on disk). 


              I went through all of it and clicked "Show Parent" as you suggested and it seems to have properly re-ordered everything when I got to the year folder for each year.  Still not sure exactly how I ended up getting them displayed at all different hierarchy levels, but it now seems fixed!  Thanks very much! 

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                Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

                You did nothing wrong, rtkane, and technically there was nothing wrong with the Folders panel. It's just that by default it just shows you folders that you imported, it doesn't show you in what hierarchy they reside. This is unfortunate, but at least you're set now!

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                  rtkane Level 1

                  Thanks again!