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    Edit PDF turn cmyk pdf into RGB




      I have a cmyk pdf, both text is black and the image is cmyk. If I "Edit PDF" this is to edit an image or text it changes the pdf into RGB, Why???


      The same scenario I use "Print Production" then use Edit Object (image will not allow to change text) it will stay cmyk. The "Print Production" will only allow images to open photoshop. 


      Hopefully someone can shed some light on this. If so is their a setting to make the "Edit PDF" open the image in Photoshop in cmyk?



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          onkesh Adobe Employee

          Hi Warwick ,


          Thanks for the report. Apologies that you are facing such issue.


          We need some more information to reproduce this at our end and we need your help for the same.

          1. Can you elaborate the steps a little more?
          2. Is this file specific? If yes then, Can you share the file in question.
          3. What is the Acrobat version that you are using. Can you provide the version number?


          Please send out an email to me regarding this issue with the requested information.


          Thanks & Regards,


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            warwickr80976490 Level 1

            Hi Onkesh


            Seems it was the short cut in Acrobat that was causing the problem. I deleted the shortcut and went thought the tools section and all was cmyk.


            So it seems that it was the shortcut that was causing the problem.