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    Looking for a Book for Special Effects, especially for 2.5D effects, in After Effects


      I've been trying to find  a book to learn how to do special effects in CS6 for Photo Shop and for After Effects. I want to focus on PS, mostly.
      The main effect I want to learn now is creating 2.5D images from 2 D pictures. I've seen some good online video tutorials, but  often times the
      video is out of date, or the speaker has a very thick accent, or the speaker goes so fast they are almost unintelligible to my ears. (I also
      have a bit of a hearing issue too issue too) Even if I repeat the video it's still hard to figure out what is being said. When I used the closed
      caption mode, sometimes the CC  device does not always understand what is being said as well too.


      I'm looking for a good, easy to use manual for CS6System Configuration.


      Where I can learn special effects step by step without having to repeat the same video repeatedly. I also have to import these files as MP4 files
      into Pinnacle 17 Ultimate as well.


      I'm currently behind schedule in creating a film, and want to include these 2.d effects as part of the film. Above is a screen setting of my
      system configuration, if that information will be of help. Attached is my system information for yuor reference.


      System Configuration.JPG