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    Problem with the voice download for Cap. 4

    Kristen2810 Level 1
      I just downloaded the male and female voice to use with the text-to-speech feature in Cap. 4. However, I don't know where to place the folder from the download in order for Cap. 4 to recognize them.

      Any ideas?


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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Kristen

          I think the whole scheme of installing the voices could use more work. First you are taken rather generically to the Captivate product page. You then have to figure out which page to visit in order to obtain the download. Many seem to miss the long string of text that needs to be clicked to download. Sounds like you have made it that far. Good on ya!

          If memory serves, once you download, you run an executable. One would think they are finished at that point. But I believe what happens is that running the executable you download simply creates a folder with some files. I believe what you then have to do is to run *ANOTHER* executable inside the folder created by running the first executable in order to actually install the voices and make them available.

          So examine the folder and see if there isn't another executable to run. I think there will be.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Kristen2810 Level 1
            I agree Rick. Just after I posted I went through the downloaded files and saw the .exe so I did run it. Although, I was still confused when I ran the .exe because the progress bar just kept reloading so I wasn't even sure if it was doing anything...

            However, that did work, but very confusing process.