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    Blank screen when app not running and is invoked from browser on iOS

    fengd9946600 Level 1

      Hi I've developed an app with Flash Builder, it's response well when app is running, but when if the app is not running, and I invoke the app from a browser link, then it just start with a blank screen, and if I make a 2nd click on the same link, It moved more step then seems it blocked some where, and if I make the 3rd. click, the app dropped. Does someone experience the same and has a solution?


      The clues are:

      1. I am running the app on iOS 9.3 and build with Flex 4.15 sdk /air20.

      2.  It response well if I manual launch it and invoke from browser.

      3. The same app running on Android device has no problem.

      4. The app will response to the url which the browser sent (the scheme has been modified to invoke the app.)