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    Can't import photo's from Nikon D700


      I have lightroom on my imac which recently crashed so I had to get another hardrive. Every since then, when I go to import photo's from my Nikon D700, I can't find the option to import from my camera.


      Prior to the crash, when I clicked 'import", my camera would come up as a "source".  Does anyone know how to get that option back? I've downloaded a DNG converter but that didn't' help



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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          What version of Lightroom do you have?

          Does the operating system (Finder) see the camera? If so, copy the files to the harddrive and import from there.

          Or even better, if you have a card reader, use that instead.

          Other than that, I'm not a Mac person, and don't know why Lightroom doesn't se your camera.

          And the DNG converter is used to convert raw files to DNGs, so it requires that you have the raw files on the computer.