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    LoadVars and cross domain posting

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      I have an issue where I am serving up a flash movie from domainA.com and I need it to be able to post some form variables to domainB.com's e-commerce page. I have a crossdomain policy in place and I can use LoadVars.send with "GET" to append the variables to the querystring, but for some reason when I use post I get nothing. I have published a new page to domainB that just echo's the Request Form object but I am still getting nothing out. Is there a special setting in the crossdomain.xml that I need to set to allow "POST" to work?
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          Ok now I have an interesting issue here. I am positive it is not a cross domain policy issue because I opened domainB all the way allowing all request headers and domain names. I also set the meta-policy on the crossdomain.xml to master-only. Now when I load my lesson up and tell it to post the variables to the page it still doesn't work in IE7, but it is working in FireFox 3. What the hell is going on? Why would Firefox be able to reflect the Request.Form keys and IE not be able too? I would have expected it to be the other way round.
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            Even more interesting. The issue appears to have something to do with framesets in IE7 and 6. When I launch my lesson in a frameset (which is the expected container) the loadvars.send post does not work.

            If I launch the lesson in a simple html page the loadvars post works fine. So it's definitely IE and how it handles framesets. Not sure what the issue is but I think I am screwed. =P

            Have no idea how to even approach this problem.
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              I am at a complete loss here. I have tried everything from explicitly setting the loadvars.contentType to trying to addHttpRequestHeaders to set the content-type of the request object.

              Fiddler shows that the loadvars variables are definitely being sent over, but it will not set the content-type of the Request object in IE. I don't know where else to go with this. Is it a flaw in flash or in IE responding to flash? Is there a sneak property in the loadvars object I am missing.

              Does anyone know a way to obfuscate or encrypt a querystring in flash so it can be passed to a webpage without being totally obvious?