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    Questions, getting started with Adobe Phonegap

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      I am really new to app building and fairly new to java programming, but have a little knowledge in html and css.

      I have managed to create an html, css, js page, and have tested it with Adobe Phonegap.




      1. Do I have to incorporate and use cordova-plugins when building the app, or can the app be just an html, css, and js file?


      2. When I have created all the resolutions for different devices, how will I be able implement different html, css, js files for different devices?


      3. Must I have an Apple pc, when creating an iOS app with Adobe Phonegap for iOS devices, or can I build in a windows environment for all devices?


      4. What are the benefits for signing up, for a Adobe Phonegap account?

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          VectorP Level 4

          1. The app can just be an html, css, and js file with the exception of the splashscreen plugin (and the statusbar plugin if you want it to scale well on iPad). Also, you will need graphics for the icons and splash screens and of course a config.xml file with the configuration for name and id, icons/splashes and a couple of general preferences

          See the Phonegap Build Docs

          PhoneGap Build | PhoneGap Docs


          2.  You don't implement 'dimensions' for all different devices. Similar to webdesign (where you really don't know at what size the user opens and scales the browser) you simply create something in 'liquid design' which is supposed to scale well with the various screen dimensions and resolutions.

          Also, make sure you look up a bit about the html meta element for 'viewport'


          3. You can build in Windows, iOS or Linux (or any other OS) when using Phonegap Build. However, iOS apps can only be published if you have a Mac (be it physical or in the cloud)


          4. The benefits are that you can have multiple apps simultaneously in your account, and the max size of each is larger than in a free account. The benefits for Adobe are obvious: they get your money.

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            SdarkS Level 1

            Thank you for your fast response.

            It will take me some more time to go through the information, you provided.

            Thanks again...