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    Track circular object with Mocha AE corner pin?

    Stephen Pickering122 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm not sure how to phrase my question, but I'm betting it's already been answered and I just don't know it.


      I found video after video on how to replace a "screen" in After Effects with just a few clicks and a quick corner pin data from Mocha AE.  However, I have an object that has a circular face (a kiwi being cut in half).  The inside of the kiwi rolls to face the camera (the seeds are excellent for tracking). I am able to track the circular shaped face and am able to get a very accurate 'plane' of kiwi face.  The face has one edge that's a little squished, so I would like to just fix that blemish with a perfect 'circle' face.  However, I don't know how to translate that data from Mocha AE (corner pin?) onto a non-rectangle (circular) object in After Effects.


      One method I tried was to photoshop the face of the kiwi so it's clean, then imported into AE, then stretched the image to fit the comp, and finally just pasted the corner pin data from Mocha AE right onto the clean kiwi precomp.  It worked great, except that because I don't know where any "corners" are on the kiwi, it doesn't fill the face of the kiwi perfectly (it matches the movement and doesn't drift, but it isn't placed exactly right- close, but not perfect).


      So, I'm not sure how to ask the question, but can you refer me to some links that can help me understand this?  I am much more proficient with After Effects Camera Tracker, but it won't give me a clean track.  I have the open beta for The Foundry's Cameratracker, but it's terribly slow and seems buggy (and I'm not familiar with how it works).  But again, I am able to track the plane perfectly in Mocha AE, I just don't know how to adjust the placement in AE.