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    Render fail, only with Full Quality 1920x1080, Half Quality works fine, RAM?


      Ok, so as my title states, render fail on full quality same as source settings. Half quality works fine though, all other settings the same. I've tried multiple codecs and settings to no avail. My belief is that I need more RAM, or maybe a faster machine, as this is bogged down since the project contains many effects and huge elements. I have some large comps that are 5500x4000 so that I can zoom in very close and move things around my HD stage.


      Mac Pro running 10.7.5

      3.2 GHz quad core intel

      24 GB RAM

      After Effects CC 2014


      20 GB RAM dedicated to AE, all other programs turned off on the machine. The half size 960x540 is rendering out all the same effects and content, so all I can figure is that trying to render out at 1920x1080 is stressing the machine, fails right away with no clear error message.


      I know there are upgrades that could be done, but I have some other software on my system that is not ready for it. I'm running the most recent 10.7 OSX, and most recent version of AE CC 2014.


      Any input would be much appreciated!