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    Trouble Using Premiere footage in AE to do Keylighting


      I'm not sure if i even worded that correctly, so i apologize. i am a beginner in AE. Basically, i want to edit my green screen footage by dynamically linking my Premier Pro project to AE. I HAVE successfully edited green screen footage by just going directly to AE. But, for some reason, when i link from Premier, it doesn't work. Pretty much, what happens, is that my footage immediately BECOMES the COMP, when i do that, and goes right to the timeline, whereas, if i pull the footage DIRECTLY into AE (no premier first), it's SEPARATE from the comp i create. With the latter, I can follow the steps I've learned, and drag the new background (the one i will use to replace the green screen) to the timeline FIRST, and then the footage i shot. But, when I dynamically link from Premier, the footage automatically goes to the timeline first, and stays there. And when i follow the same steps, i cannot replace my green screen with my new background.


      Sorry...I know this sounds confusing. It was confusing for me to explain! Hopefully someone understands what my issue is!


      Thanks so much, in advance, for any help!