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    DS40 Printer problems! Can I rollback to Lightroom 5 from 6.4?

    tripu71639545 Level 1

      Lightroom 6.4 (on PC Windows 10) has been extremely troublesome with our 2 DS40 printers. 



      We are a tourist attraction sending in tours and taking 6-10 photos of the people on those tours, automatically importing to Lightroom 6.4, selecting all 6-10 photos on that tour and printing them all, every 10 minutes through the day.



      80% of the time at least one of the 2 x DS40 printers works fine. 

      • The other 20%, the printer will print numerous duplicates of different photos (even though 10 photos might be selected to print).
      • Printers will go into Offline mode for no reason.
      • Printers will cease to print causing new print jobs to back up in its que.


      We have determined the problem is not from Windows or the Printers, but coming from Lightroom.  We've run Lightroom 4 for years with no printer problems and recently upgraded to 6.  Can we roll back to 4 or 5?  Or does anyone have a fix for the printer issue?